Sweet Home VS

Sweet Home VS was founded in 2014. Since its inception, we have been engaged in the import and wholesale of traditional and completely natural food products.

Sweet Home VS was founded as a subsidiary of Agrocentar, a company that has been involved in farming for four centuries – producing and selling flowers, seedlings, seeds, fertilizers and other specialized agricultural products.

We constantly strive to offer consumers in Montenegro exclusively natural and quality products. These are products made from fruits, vegetables and cereals obtained by the traditional method of cultivation, as well as obtained in accordance with the organic method of production.

Mostly these are the products of small family businesses that use our grandmother’s old recipes to get the best products from the best raw materials.

You can find our products in all the well-supplied retail stores as well as specialist health food stores.

Treat only the best for yourself and your loved ones!

Address:   Jelene Ćetković 12,
               81 000 Podgorica
Phone:  067 208 888
E-mail:  info@sweethomevs.me