Sweet Home VS

Welcome to the website of Sweet Home VS d.o.o.,

We are in the business of importing and wholesale natural food products made according to traditional recipes. We started the operation in 2014.

Our mission is to offer consumers in Montenegro exclusively the highest quality products from fruits, vegetables, and cereals from small family companies that keep our grandmothers’ recipes from oblivion. The raw materials are grown under the organic methods of production. The quality and production methods guarantee top quality that will satisfy even those with sophisticated taste.

We have recently expanded the list of our products with cans of cephalopods, squid, and cod from the prestigious Spanish company Pescamar, whose story fits perfectly into our mission.

Each product page has detailed information, by city, about the markets where to be purchased.

Agrocentar d.o.o. is our sister company, engaged for twenty-eight years in agricultural activities – producing and selling flowers, seedlings, seeds, fertilizers, and other specialized agricultural products. www.agrocentar.me

Only the best with a smile of nature!

Vladimir Stankovic

Address:   Jelene Ćetković 12,
               81 000 Podgorica
Phone:  067 208 888
E-mail:  info@sweethomevs.me