Aronia topping

Aronia topping or Aronia berries in their own juice! It has minimum sugar most of which originates from aronia itself. It is created to be dressing for meat, and is proved as subtle addition to different dishes, both main dishes and desserts – excellent dressing for redmeat (beef steak, rump steak, salmon), extraordinary on cheese, ice cream….. and as heathy breakfast combined with cereals (barley flakes, oatflakes, rye flakes).

Where to buy

  • Aroma i Conto marketi (BioDar):
    – Delta City – Podgorica
    – TQ Plaza – Budva
    – Conto – Bar
    – Dobrota – Kotor
    – Igalo
    – TC Kamelija Kotor
    – Conto Nikšić
  • Idea CG
  • Zdrava hrana Vodenica
  • Bonella Green Bazar
  • Bis marketi
  • Stara Boka – Budva