Chestnut, unlike most snacks on store shelves, is 100% a natural product because it is made without preservatives, without added sugars, salts or colors. It has a pleasant smell and good taste.

Production process:

The chestnut is harvested by hand. The machine removes any damaged or chestnut shells of poor quality. The chestnut so purchased is sorted by hand, and the fruits of poor quality are thrown out. The chestnuts in the shells are baked for 15 minutes at 100-120 degrees. Chestnuts are followed by weighing and then weighing and packing in bags.

In production, the biggest concern is quality, as we will not find any earthworms, molds or burnt chestnut in the bag.

Where to buy

  • Voli
  • Zdrava hrana Vodenica – Podgorica
  • Bonella
  • Mega Promet Budva
  • BIS marketi
  • Mesara Plana