Extra Raspberry Jam

Real Red Raspberry vegan spread is a great source of vitamins, manganese, dietary fiber and antioxidants, and a good immunity booster. Contains no high fructose corn syrup. Real Red Raspberry fruit spread contains 72% raspberries, so we don’t need to enhance the flavor or texture; the intense red color of the spread is achieved without adding artificial colors or ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully selected to meet highest quality and flavor standards. For anyone with diabetes, insulin problems or just trying to watch their weight, this low-calorie spread is a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s also suitable for children, vegans, and vegetarians. Sweetened with fructose, this spread is the perfect option for kids, diabetics or anyone trying to lose weight. The full raspberry flavor is still there, but with fewer calories! Eat it on toast, mixed with oatmeal or granola or add it to some Greek yogurt for a healthy snack.

Where to buy

  • Aroma i Conto marketi (BioDar):
    – Delta City – Podgorica
    – TQ Plaza – Budva
    – Conto – Bar
    – Dobrota – Kotor
    – Igalo
    – TC Kamelija Kotor
    – Conto Nikšić
  • Idea CG
  • Probrano
  • Bis Marketi – Podgorica
  • Zdrava hrana Vodenica – Podgorica
  • Mesara Plana
  • Stara Boka – Budva