Vegapcic nadjev

Vegapcic Nadjev is a minced meat substitute based on sprouted grains. This vegan product has a flavour and texture similar to minced meat and it is used in various applications. It has a beneficial nutritional profile and it is also good for the environment.

Where to buy

  • Aroma i Conto marketi (BioDar):   
        – Delta City – Podgorica
        – TQ Plaza – Budva
        – Conto – Bar
        – Dobrota – Kotor
        – Igalo
        – TC Kamelija Kotor
        – Conto Nikšić
  • Idea CG
  • Bis Marketi – Podgorica
  • Zdrava hrana Vodenica – Podgorica
  • Stara Boka – Budva, Pržno